Smart College Graduates Learn the 10 Habits of Successful Employees

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Over the years college graduates have developed their greatest level of stress thinking about how they will be viewed during the first day at work. It’s a relief to find a new job but it can also be a source of anxiety. In college there is no “Work 101” class that a student can take to get ready for a job. Company decision makers have learned that the first few weeks of a recent college graduates entry into the world of work can have a major effect on their career. The college graduate is expected to gather all of their knowledge they have gained over their years in college and hit the ground running. It is like training a person to scuba dive with out any instructions. The new employee is told to dive in without knowing how long the oxygen will last.

College graduates may also be worrisome because they spent their summers working jobs that were not related to their field of study.
Universitas Swasta di Bandung Most college students will agree that the four years they attended college went by faster than they expected. In the senior year they realize that they must interview for jobs and get serious about their goal to become a successful employee. A good approach is to talk with other professionals about their first few months at work. Ask how they made the adjustment to their new job. A professional can help you to get over your anxiety by clarifying the unknown. Companies realize that you must adjust that is why most employers give their new hires six months to become familiar with their corporate culture.

Many American companies are finding it difficult to find good employees who are diligent. There are plenty of potential opportunities to enhance your value to the company just by understanding your employer’s goals. Start following these ten habits and you will enjoy success:

1. Continually work to enhance your English skills on letters and e-mails.

2. Practice public speaking skills at work, home and in your community. Ask for feedback on

your presentations.

3. Volunteer to participate in activities that allow you to meet employees throughout the


4. Don’t be too proud to ask questions.

5. Always do research and know the latest trends in your industry.

6. Identify a mentor who can give you good advice and a historical understanding of your


7. Take other employees to lunch so that you can get to know them better.

8. Get involved in a team project that will allow your talents to shine.

9. Recognize that a good listener is worth their weight in gold.

10. Maintain a good attitude in the face of adversity.

Successful college graduates become great employees because they have learned to be flexible. Given an opportunity to try something new they will jump right in. Winning new employees think fast on their feet, maintain an open mind about new assignments and gain substantial credibility by making good decisions. Try developing a one month, three month, and six month work plan. Konseling Online Write down your goals, strategies and methods for measuring your accomplishments. Consistently follow the 10 habits of successful employees.

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