Naenka Runner Diver key specs

Water resistant standard: IPX8

Battery everyday living: 10 several hours

Storage: 16GB

Audio formats: MP3 and FLAC

Body weight: 33g

Two-minute critique

The Naenka Runner Diver water-resistant headphones are exceptional between the most effective waterproof headphones and very best bone conduction headphones.  Like most underwater audio gizmos they can retailer a bunch of MP3 information (remember them?) so you can pay attention to music, podcasts or audiobooks whilst you swim. 

On the other hand, they have something most rivals never in the shape of a Bluetooth module. It does not function underwater, so you just cannot stream to them utilizing a smartphone on your sunshine mattress, but you can swap to it when on dry land. In an fast, it turns these water resistant headphones from a one particular-trick gadget into a life style accessory fantastic for applying in the pool, the gym, although out on a run, and even about an workplace.