How to Get Long Healthy Hair

How to Get Long Healthy Hair

How To Get Long Healthy Hair

Once you get past the “growing out stage” and are trying desperately to grow length on you hair your scared to death to get a haircut for fear of setting you back a whole month on your mission.
But then it seems your hair just stops growing at a certain point. . .
Hair grows from the roots an average of 1/2 ” per month. This growth does not stop simply because your hair gets a certain length. Chances are as your hair is growing from the roots, but it is breaking off at the ends just as fast!Keeping the ends of your hair in a healthy state is key to growing long beautiful hair.

Of course you need to get regular trims. How often really depends on your hair there is no magic number. I would say at least every 3 month get 1/2 inch trim. But a good test is when you brush your hair if it seems to “catch”the brush bristles on the last few inches then it is time for a trim. The brush catching your ends will only snap off your hair and can actually snap the hairs off mid shaft leaving little annoying stray hairs making your hair look frizzy and dry and thinning out the ends of your hair.

And following that note you need to have a good brush that doesn’t damage your hair!A large paddle brush with a cushioned base and flexible bristles is ideal. Make sure the brush you are using is made for the job!A vent brush made for blow drying is made to grip wet slippery hair with rigid bristles. They are not made for detangling and brushing dry long hair and will only lend to breakage problems.

Don’t wash your hair every day. Maklon Kosmetik The less wear and tear the more healthy length you’ll get. If you have problems with oil use a dry hair shampoo in between shampoos and don’t bring your conditioner all the way to your roots. You can even use 2 different conditioners!Use a lighter conditioner at your roots down to the base of your neck and then apply a heavier deep repairative conditioner from your neckline down on the ends of your hair. This way your ends get the moisture and nutrition they need without making your hair look greasy and flat at the roots.

Avoid tight ponytails. The constant pressure on one certain point on the hair shaft can lead to breakage. I have thick but baby fine very heavy hair to my waist and I swear by Goodys Stay Put pony tail holders. They have little rubber grips that hold hair so you don’t have to tie them as tight. You can pick them up at any Wal-Mart or Target.

Stay out of the heat!Avoid as much blow drying and heat styling as possible. Every day heat styling is too much!Always use a heat styling protector under your flat and curling irons.

Don’t over color your hair. More chemicals = Less hair. Stay as close to natural to maximize your growth potential.
Listen to your hair, it may be trying to tell you something!

If your hair seems to fall out excessively or your hair is growing slower than the 1/2 inch a month average. . . check with your doctor about a possible vitamin deficiency. I know a lot of people swear by over the counter pre natal vitamins for hair and nail growth but too much of a good thing can be bad so make sure to check with your doctor before you start a vitamin regiment. If you have something wrong with your body, your hair is one of the first signals of your body skimping on un- necessary bodily functions to repair itself somewhere else. Those with hair growth problems include people with heart problems, blood pressure issues, diabetes, hormonal issues, thyroid imbalance and many other serious problems so don’t be afraid or feel silly for bringing up your hair to your doctor.

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